The Lab's Learning Exchange

Welcome to the Lab’s Learning Exchange! This is an education-specific clearinghouse that facilitates the promotion and release of high-quality, education-related datasets that our team at the Learning Agency Lab has created together with our partners in the learning engineering community.

Datasets are powerful. They allow educational trends and phenomena to be explored. They foster new insights that lead to better educational practices and outcomes. And they serve as the innovation pillars for computer technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data science – all of which are revolutionizing how students learn and how education is delivered.

Through datasets like the ones shared by the Lab’s Learning Exchange, researchers, learning engineers, and educators can advance learning science by compiling related information and streamlining the analysis and evaluation process. Users are encouraged to visit often and explore the site, which supports three guiding principles for those passionate about education:

INSPIRATION -To help users create original ML models by using existing datasets, adapting developed ones, or building their own 

EDUCATION – Show how ML and AI connect to real-world education and learning

ACCESS – Facilitate users’ ability to collaborate with others by sharing their own data. Additionally, users can access data from those in the learning community who also wish to share.