Public access to educational datasets is low despite their power and promise. Why?

Most large educational datasets are proprietary and held by large companies for competitive advantage. Additionally, federal funding agencies have historically focused less on the development of open datasets and more on experimental interventions and educational applications.

But with the right tools and available datasets, groundbreaking ideas can come from anywhere.

Education-focused organizations including universities, K-12 nonprofits, and national and state education agencies wishing to promote greater access to educational data are now working together with members of the Learning Agency Lab to create new avenues for educational data science exploration via the Lab’s Learning Exchange.

Thanks to support from this diverse community and from learning engineers, sponsors, and others, The Exchange is able to serve as a hub for various resources.

Interested in sharing your data on the Lab’s Learning Exchange platform? Contact Perpetual Baffour at perpetual@the-learning-agency.com.