Learning Engineering Ambassador Program

Learning engineering is the process and practice that applies the learning sciences, using human-centered engineering design methodologies and data-informed decision making, to support learners and their development.


The Ambassador program is a global network of talented technical individuals, passionate about applying their skills in the field of education and specifically, learning engineering.

The program aims to support individuals who are interested in sharing their interests and skills in Learning Engineering with others in their field/organization/community. The program will also allow ambassadors to gain experience, connections, and further insight into the field of Learning Engineering.

As a learning engineering ambassador, you will have the chance to work with others who are passionate about learning engineering and network with leading organizations in the field. You will organize and run events related to learning engineering to increase awareness of and interest in the field.

The Learning Agency Lab is currently looking for applicants of all career levels who are excited to engage with the learning engineering community as learning engineering ambassadors. Dates for the Spring 2023 Ambassador program are as follows:

  • February 20-March 6 – Begin orientation, meet (virtually) the other ambassadors, and read more about the program
  • March 6 – Official launch of the program, begin planning for first events
  • June 5 – End of the program and final ambassadors call

Applications for the program will be accepted through February 13. 


With funding and support from the Learning Agency Lab, you will be responsible for

  • Organizing learning engineering events. You are encouraged to be creative in what kind of events you run, as everyone’s unique context and experiences allow them to contribute in different ways. The focus of these events is to generate awareness and interest in the field, or provide opportunities for others to gain skills and experiences related to learning engineering. For example, past events have included pizza parties with grad students to discuss learning engineering career paths, teacher trainings to discuss how learning engineering strategies can be implemented into the classroom, and panel discussions with researchers in the field.
  • Attending monthly calls with other ambassadors. We strongly encourage collaboration between ambassadors for running events and providing support to one another. You will meet the other ambassadors in the beginning of the program to learn about each others’ background and interests. Each month we will have a team call with all the ambassadors where you will get a chance to discuss what you are working on and get advice from other ambassadors.

We will provide support and guidance, particularly in the beginning, though the main driving force of the program is you! This is primarily an ambassador-driven initiative. 


Previous cohorts’ Ambassadors have participated from around the world. Ambassadors have varied in profession and career level, ranging from undergraduate students to senior managers within tech organizations, and the nature and scope of their events has also widely varied as a result.

Here are a few examples of Ambassador events from the Spring ‘23 cohort.

Vansh Gehlot from India hosted an in-person Learning Engineering workshop for youth interested in the changing landscape of tech in India. The workshop featured discussions led by entrepreneurs in the field, which culminated in two internship positions.

Ben Thier and Lindsay Kuhn of the U.S. hosted a virtual event for early stage ed tech founders to share their products and receive advice from a panel of Learning Engineering and ed tech experts to incorporate Learning Engineering principles and improve the learner experience of their product.

Adam Sparks of the U.S. gave Learning Engineering talks in middle and high schools in the MidWest. These talks ranged in focus from using learning science principles in product development to the basics of Learning Engineering.

Preetha Prabhakaran of India hosted an in-person workshop, Embracing AI and Technology in Classrooms, tailored to high school teachers. This workshop provided teachers with strategies to effectively use innovative technologies in the classroom, such as ChatGPT.

Here are a few examples of Ambassador events from the Fall ‘22 cohort.

Omotayo Olorunfemi of Nigeria hosted in-person and virtual sessions with educators to introduce the concept of learning engineering. He also published an ongoing Learning Engineering newsletter.

Sudhir Gupta and Uttarika Shetty of Canada, the U.S., and India, hosted a virtual discussion (with over 100 registrants!) on blending learning engineering with product management.

Hanshika Gupta and Priyank Singh of India hosted a tabletop gaming event focused on principles and practices to support game-based learning.

Shashi Kant Shankar of India hosted sessions with undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members, and researchers to introduce the concept of Learning Engineering and discuss career and academic opportunities in the field. 


If you are interested, please submit an application. To be accepted in the Spring 2023 cohort, applications must be received by February 13.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to AFranklin@the-learning-agency.com.