Learning Engineering Internship Program

Learning engineering is the process and practice that applies the learning sciences, using human-centered engineering design methodologies and data-informed decision making, to support learners and their development.


The Learning Engineering Internship Program is aimed at supporting students who are interested in the field of learning engineering (LE). The program provides financial support to students who want to learn new skills and gain experience at organizations immersed in LE work. The program also aims to support organizations doing valuable work in LE who are interested in providing opportunities for interns to contribute to their work.

If you are a student planning to participate in an unpaid internship related to learning engineering, you can apply to receive funding to support your work. If you are an organization looking to provide funding for a student in an internship position, you can apply to secure this funding.

Applicants are fully responsible for coordinating the details of the internship, including the start and end date as well as the expected responsibilities and time commitment. Interns will receive a stipend of $2,000 USD for part-time internships and $8,000 USD for full-time internships.

Qualifying internships can be in a broad range of areas but must be related to education and technology. Examples of relevant internships include roles in learning science, data science, or product development at education-focused organizations.


If you are interested, please submit an application. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

We will reach out to candidates that are well-suited for the opportunity to verify the internship and provide the stipend.

If you have questions, please contact Alex Franklin at AFranklin@the-learning-agency.com.


How much is the stipend?
$2,000 USD for part-time internships and $8,000 USD for full-time internships.

What counts as a part-time or full-time internship?
A full-time internship typically requires a significant commitment of around 30-40 hours per week, while a part-time internship may require around 10 hours per week and can be done alongside other commitments, such as being a full-time student. During the application process, we will determine which category is the best fit for your internship.

Who receives the money?
After the internship is confirmed and the application is successful, The Learning Agency Lab will coordinate with the intern directly to provide the stipend to them.

Do I need to have a confirmed internship to apply?
Yes. In the application we will ask for an offer letter or some official confirmation of an acceptance to an internship program. However, if you haven’t secured an internship yet, we encourage you to apply for unpaid internships that you are interested in, or reach out to organizations to see if they are open to hiring you as an unpaid intern. We will accept applications on a rolling basis, so please feel free to apply as soon as you have an offer. For organizations, please note that you must have already selected the intern for the position.

Does the program provide internships?
We do not provide internships directly. Instead, our program offers financial sponsorship for internships. These internships do not have to fall under a well-established or recurring program, but the organizations and interns are responsible for coordinating the details of the internship.