An independent nonprofit, The Learning Agency Lab is focused on developing the science of learning-based tools and programs for the social good. We help educators, researchers and others to understand the science of learning and how students can learn how to learn better. Contact us if you would like to learn more about The Learning Agency Lab.​


Started in 2019, The Learning Agency Lab is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the effectiveness of K-16 education, especially for historically marginalized populations, by creating free or at-cost resources that are aligned to the science of learning. ​With a registered headquarters in Tempe, Arizona, the goal of the Lab is to help all students have access to effective learning. Board members include Ulrich Boser, CEO of The Learning Agency Lab; David Dominici, Executive Director of the Center For Educational Excellence; Gaby Lopez, Senior Manager at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative; and Ken Stern, CEO of Palisades Media.



Learning is the best predictor of success for individuals -- and countries. The Lab helps create tools to help spread effective learning.


The Learning Agency Lab works for the public good. Our vision is a system of learning that works for all students, no matter where they live.


The Learning Agency Lab creates programs and tools based on the science of research and development that work for all students.